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Suzuki Method

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Oct. 1st, 2007 @ 03:45 pm
ANybody out there?????

Signed/Touring Band Seeks VIOLINIST May. 5th, 2006 @ 02:27 pm

We are Kiss Kiss
We are signed to EYEBALL RECORDS
We are Distributed Through w/WARNER BROTHER RECORDS
We have 2 Booking Agents, And a 3 Month National Tour This Summer!
We have 1 CD in stores, 2nd to Follow Sept. 2006

Our songs are Catchy and asseceable but w/
Odd meter,
Eastern Scales and Modes,
Maticulous Arrangment.

We are looking for a Violinist Male/Female
Ages 20-28

Please feel Free to listen to our MP3's here:
If you are interested please email us here:

Thank you so much for your time.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Violin Question Nov. 11th, 2005 @ 12:26 am
Hello I am new here I am 29 and considering taking up the violin for the 1st time. I would like to learn to play as a hobby I would love to be able to play some folk music and maybe some simple classical music on a violin.
My plan is to buy a super cheap Violin and try and teach myself a little bit. I really don't have a lot of money at the moment and so couldn't afford lessons or a better instrument. Do you think it is possible that I could teach myself to play a little and if so could you reccomend any instructional books or CD's / DVD's?
Thanks for reading my post any advice offered is greatly appreciated!
Tereza x
P.S. Xposted a bit!

Suzuki Method World Convention Oct. 9th, 2005 @ 11:26 pm
Anyone in this community attending the 14th Suzuki Method World Convention in Turin, Italy?


We have a group of 15 students attending and are interested in sharing fund raising ideas with any other groups who plan to attend.

*pokes community with stick* Aug. 18th, 2005 @ 11:04 pm
Hi all,

I was just wondering if anybody ever actually uses this community.

Did anyone attend any Suzuki Institutes this summer? If so, where and in what capacity, and how was your experience?

I went to the Hartt Institute in Connecticut as a teacher trainee. I had a very good time and excellent training; my only quibbles were that housing was not provided, so I got very lucky to find a place where another trainee who had a car was staying, and some of the master class rooms were so small that I couldn't do certain observations because not everyone could physically fit into the rooms.

Anyone else?
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Other entries
» new member with a question
Hello everyone, I actually just joined the group, and I have a question for any viola player/teacher out there, actually, if you're a cellist, thats good too :

Viola book five, Prelude- Suite in G Major by Bach, I've been working with it for a bit now, and i'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice on playing the last few lines, when it starts ascending, and then to the end, i've been listening to a number of recordings of it, and a few play it diffrently, especially on cello, (which i also play, and have been tinkering with it on that, too). And I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on that section, or infact, the whole peice all together.

» (No Subject)
Remember me? I posted saying I was nervous about starting my first pre-twinkler.

Now, Andy (that pre-twinkler) is learning ti ti ti ti ta ta and 1 2 sh 4 on the real violin and can play the Monkey song when doing partnering with me or his dad. He loves it SO much - you can tell that he LIKES to practice.

I have also had two students transfer from another University student to me. I've had 3 lessons with the 6 year old girl and 1 with the 5 year old boy. Both don't really enjoy practice and have AWFUL posture. I feel like they can pick out things but not well and shouldn't have gone as fast as they did. The 6 year old is a struggle (she has an additude, gets mad at mom, tells me she doesn't want to play the violin anymore that day, etc.) but with a few creative activities, I've gotten her variations on the open A and E to sound much better and have gotten her to smile. The little boy when he first came into the room kept running around. Neither of the transfers use the foot chart anymore, so I had him stand on pennies and if I didn't see them, he got to keep them. I never saw them and he worked very well. His mom said it was the best time he'd ever focused. I have fallen in love with teaching 5-6 year olds even though I came here with intentions of teaching middle school orchestra.

~Here's the dillema~
Because I'm a student at this university, I tend to go home in the summer. I have an orchestra camp I teach at and about 10 students who only take lessons in the summer with me. My university is in the next state..about 230 miles away so I will not be able to teach this summer here. I am planning on giving the kids activity sheets so they keep playing and maybe coming into town once or twice, but I have many obligations at home. The dillemma is that I just got an email from a mom who wants to start her five year old. I'll only be in Point for 5-6 more weeks and then I'll be gone for the summer. At that point, he'll probably be frustrated he hasn't gotten to play yet and not want to play in the fall. Should I start the mom with parent education, give them instructions for listening and hope that the parent can keep his interest up in the summer? I wish I could drive in (3 1/2 hours isn't THAT bad), but with gas prices rising, the money I earn teaching wouldn't cover gas. What to do?!!
» Children's String Ensemble
I'm looking for easy arrangements for a children's string ensemble from beginner to intermediate level. Any suggestions?
» Group Lessons
Just wondering if any of you are involved in group lessons for book one students and what your experiences are like. I've been doing pre-Twinkle and bk. one group lessons since September but I don't really have anything to compare my groups to, so feedback from others would be nice.
» Nerves!!
I am starting my first pre-twinkler on Thursday this week. I completed my training through book 2 in December and am super excited to use my new found knowledge. However, I have one small problem:


Do you guys have any suggestions for 1st impressions, meeting the student and the parent, ideas for the 1st lesson, etc? I have a bunch of materials and ideas from my training, but any others (for a 5 year old) would be greatly appreciated!
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